Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moving Weekend!

Let me explain... The guy that is gonig to mud and tape our basement is laid off!!! Yay! Oops, I mean, that's too bad for him. But good for us. He's ready to do our basement whenever we are ready. So, that means all that furniture and other stuff must be moved out! Moved UP, really. It mostly has to come up the stairs and into the spare bedrooms until the space is complete. Along with that, errands must be run this weekend. Here's an incomplete list of things to do:
--Gas up the Saab. It's dangerously low
--Dustin get's a haircut (shouldn't take too long)
--Update this very important blog (Check)
--Stop at Menards (CO detector and a line level that will fit in the 15% off bag)
--Office Max (Turbo Tax & printer ink that will fit in the 15% off bag)
--Sears to buy a Multi-Tool
--Move downstairs bed up to the back bedroom
--Move the office back upstairs
--Unassemble the downstairs table and move it and chairs up to the spare bedroom
--Figure out where to put the futon
--Roll up carpets and haul them through the snow to the shed
--Unload downstairs fridge and move to storeroom
--Take down 2 small pieces of drywall and add bracing (then reinstall the drywall)
--Finish off the transition from the wall to the ceiling above the stairs
--At least 2 loads of laundry
--Remove face frame from fireplace and seal the fireplace up with plastic so no drywall dust gets in
--Contact our designer and setup a meeting to talk about paint color

Best get going! We want the taper to come on Tuesday! Have a great weekend and stay warm! (It was -13 here this morning).