Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're Alive!

OK. We know, we know. We're bad bloggers! Pictures are coming soon, but January and February have been a little busy with regards to the basement. Here are some things that have been accomplished:

-Moved all the furniture out of the basement.
-Had the drywall mudded and taped (OK, WE didn't do it, but we would have paid double what we did just to have to NOT do it!)
-Decided on paint colors
-Primed and painted the basement ceiling, walls and the stairwell (no more dark green wall)

The electrician is coming this Thursday to hook up electrical outlets and trim out the can lights in the ceiling. The TV comes this Sunday afternoon (FINALLY!!!! After rescheduling 3 times!)

Karen is leaving Thursday for a quilting weekend with her sister, her niece and a friend. Dustin took Friday off to get some stuff done - like make sure all the internet and coax hookups are ready for when they bring the TV. We'll have a TV, but no place comfy to sit (let alone any carpet). Oh well.

Next step: We have to finish the trim and install that. I'll add posting some pictures to my list of things to do this weekend!