Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remodeling Season Has Begun

We decided to tackle the laundry room drop ceiling as our first remodeling project of the season for a few reasons:
1.  We're tired of looking at the ugly joists.
2.  The room needed cleaning.
3.  We're tired of the one 60 watt light bulb lighting the space.
4.  The materials we've had on hand for over a year and a half were taking up precious space as our rooms get finished and our storage spaces decreases.

It took two weekends to get it done, but here it goes:
Looking toward the downstairs bedroom.  Level has been established and the wall angle brackets installed.

Other side of the room - wall angle brackets installed

The 2 main supports and all cross Ts cut and in place.  Some ceiling tiles in place.

There were only 8 ceiling tile that were uncut.  The other 16 had to be cut to size.
Holes were cut for the lights and the heat duct.

6 inch hole cut for the heat vent.  The vent itself had to be moved slightly to align to the middle of the quadrant of the tile.

Almost complete.  This cabinet had to come down and be rehung because 1) It wasn't quite level to begin with and would have looked goofy against a level ceiling and 2)  It was too high (the wall angle brackets sat right on top of it and the ceiling tiles are sculpted, so they sit below the level of the brackets). 

The wall cabinet has been rehung (level now) and the electrical outlets switched from tan to white.  The washer and dryer had to be pulled out to accomplish that, which is fine - behind and underneath those need cleaning anyway.

Finished!  Heat register and all lights are complete.  The lighting is SO much better.  You can actually see what you're doing at the sink!