Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day was spent at work since it was a Monday.  After work, we headed to the Mall of America, where Josh Wilson, one of our favorite Christian artists, was giving a free concert in the rotunda.  We saw him at the KTIS Joyful Noise concert 2 years ago.  Below are a couple pics.  They aren't all that clear, mainly because of the lighting conditions and our distance from the stage.  He played for about 50 minutes.  And he DOES know how to pick a guitar.  Wow!

After the concert was over, we headed for our favorite pizza place (Davanni's) for a late dinner.  They were offering heart shaped pizzas through the end of the day.  It was the thin crust instead of our favorite Chicago Deep Dish, but hey, it was Davanni's!!!  Our order:  Canadian bacon, pineapple and green peppers.  As I was getting our drinks, the kid that took our order popped around from behind the pop machine and said "hey, do you want me to have the guys write "Be My Valentine" on the pizza using the green peppers?"  I said "go for it!"  Apparently, this wasn't being offered to everyone- I heard him go back to the kitchen and tell the "pizza maker" the plan, to which the pizza maker said "I can't do that - there isn't enough room!!!"  I wasn't sure what the pizza was going to look like.  Karen was off getting plates and silverware and was oblivious to the goings on.

When the pizza was done, the pizza maker came out and called the order.  Karen went up to get it.  Smiling from ear to ear, he seemed rejected when Karen didn't "read the pizza" when she picked it up.  He sulked back to the kitchen.  Karen was annoyed that the green peppers weren't more evenly spaced, but didn't realize there was a message.  I had to point it out and I did get the pizza maker's attention through the window back to the kitchen and gave him the thumbs up.  I think he did pretty good!  This was after it was cut.
No, I don't normally have my camera with me at the pizza joint, although we took pictures of some of our food in Jamaica. We had the camera with us from the concert and for some reason, I brought it into Davanni's with me.

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