Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm done cleaning gutters

Silver Maples: 1    Dustin: 0
Our two large silver maple trees do a wonderful job of shading our house in the summer time.  Our electric bill barely goes up during the months we run the A/C.  But the trees also do a wonderful job of filling the gutters...  with fallen buds, then helicopter/spinner seeds, then sticks from dead branches, then leaves in the fall (usually AFTER the first snowfall of the season).  While the roof is easily accessible from the front of the house, I've had it with getting up there multiple times a year to clean them out.  The last time, they were almost level full with water, fermenting buds and spinners.  It smelled disgusting (I nearly hurled several times) and it took forever to clean out (multiple trips up and down the ladder to dump the gunk).  So, all of this plus the fact the gutters are the original ones on the house and some seams were leaking, we decided to replace them (OK, Dustin decided).
LeafGuard Gutters to the rescue!  Lindus Construction will come out in about 3 weeks to replace all gutters, downspouts, fascia and soffits (they are all in rough shape).  LeafGuard Gutters feature:

-Seamless gutter construction
-Guaranteed for life not to clog (they will come and unclog them if they do)
-20% thicker aluminum than ordinary gutters
-Painted surface guaranteed not to crack, peel or chip
-Many colors to choose from

We will switch from the white gutters/fascia/soffits we have now to the color "Wicker" which is the same color as the vinyl siding on the side and back of the house.

Click here to see a 20 second video showing the gutters in action.

I'll post some before/after pics once they are done!

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  1. That's a great find! Now that you have that gutter guard, gutter maintenance will be a breeze. This is a great suggestion to all those home owners out there who are having trouble with their gutters.