Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ready for the Sink and Faucet!

Below is what we decided to do with the backsplash on the bar downstairs.  We couldn't really find glass tile that was going to work, so we decided to use additional granite tile and trim it out with the same wood as the rest of the bar.  Tony, the plumber comes back on Wednesday to set the sink and faucet and final inspection on the room is scheduled for Friday.  That doesn't mean we are done (yet).  Window treatments, an ottoman, and some things on the wall will finish it off!


  1. VERY pretty!!! When are ya servin'?

  2. Anytime after Wednesday morning! When you comin up? The Margaritaville Machine awaits you and anyone else that stops by. Just give me a little heads up - I think I need to get more Ta-kill-ya :)